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  1. I plan on doing this to my large master bathroom. It’s currently covered in light beige horrid wallpaper…. I’ve removed about half the paper but I’m seriously considering just planking over it…. do you think this would work? Also I’m a little nervous about planking around the light fixtures, any tips?

    • Totally just plank over it! In order to correctly do it around the light fixtures you’re going to want to remove them or pull them out enough that you can get the planks behind them. You’ll also most likely need a jigsaw in order to cut the correct shape….simply trace the base of the fixture and cut around it!

  2. Hi there! Your walls look amazing :) Did you do any sort of treatment to protect them from all the moisture in the bathroom? I’m nervous that they would start to bow or warp 😬

    • Hi Brittany,

      It’s only a powder room so no issues with moisture. I’m not sure I would do the same treatment in a full bathroom with a shower, though as I would have the same worries!

  3. Lovely bathroom! Quick question…did the boards you used have to be acclimated? Planning on using the same ones for our powder room this weekend. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Stephanie. It’s always a good idea to acclimate any wood product so that it doesn’t warp. Even just a couple of days should do it.

  4. I used ply wood too, but mine was placed on the wall as a whole sheet. Then I measured I think maybe 5 inches apart Using a leveler and pencil. After my lines were made I took my dremel and carved the lines giving it a true shiplap look!!! . Looked just like I put them up separately . Yours look beautiful too !

    • My first thought was “why not put up whole sheets of plywood and cut grooves in it?” I thought maybe there was a reason you couldn’t, but glad to know I can do that. I’m working on a Tiny House bathroom and love this look. Thank you for a great idea !!

      • Arlene, you could certainly try it. Honestly, I think it would be more work in the end because you would have to be so careful to cut straight lines and not damage the wall behind. Secondly, the planks are meant to be spaced apart which you could not do with one large sheet.

  5. You did a beautiful job. I want to try the ship lap wall. I understand the plywood is 1/4″ my question is did you start at the top or bottom of wall. Also someone mentioned luan board. Did you use plywood or luan board. I believe they are different
    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Linda! Yes, luann is a type of plywood that is used for underlayment – I think that is probably what we used since we chose the cheapest one we could find! We started at the bottom and worked our way to the top.

  6. I would love to have a shiplapped living room. Had no idea I could use ply wood! Or that they would rip it ! Your Bath rm looks wonderful! So glad I found you!!! 😀☘

  7. Love the shiplap!!! My husband and I are going to be tackling this project hopefully by November. We will he using plywood also. My question is, what thickness was your plywood? 1/4″ ?

  8. Hi. I really want to do this! I have a question. I have two walls in my kitchen that meet at a perpendicular. Should I add a vertical trim from ceiling to floor and if so, what do you recommend? Thank you for this awesome inspiration. I hope I’m explaining myself.

    • Hi Chiara,

      Any tricky seams can be covered with a piece of thin trim like we did with our two walls that jutted out. You can find corner moldings at Lowes/Home Depot that can be used for either a corner that juts out or an inside corner. I hope that helps, I’m not sure what you mean exactly by meeting perpendicular – I can’t picture it!

  9. Hi Jenna!
    I have a question about your walls… The house my husband and I recently purchased has the same lovely pink tile on the walls. I’m wondering if you tore the tile out before putting the new planks up? I would LOVE to be rid of the pink tile! Oh, and your floors..did you tile over the existing floor? We also have pink floors.. Your bathroom turned out so pretty!! I’m actually quite jealous ;)
    (I’m not a blogger myself, but found your blog through Elise at Her Heart and Home.)
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lindsey! If you check out Week 2 all the details are there…but in short, we removed all the tile first. It was easier (luckily) than we had anticipated!

      Thanks for your kind words! Let me know if you have any other questions :-)

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